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  • This new package is offered only for postpaid customers offering those special Zain services & special tariff these for both Mazaya (35 & 175) benefits are:

    • With Mazaya Customers can choose two favorite numbers within Zain network to call for 5 Halalas/min only.
    • Adding & change the favorite numbers are free for the first & second times, but the customer will pay 5 SAR when he changed the favorite number for the third time.
    • Favorite number can be added by sending an SMS contain the favorite number to 712712.
    • Favorite numbers can be changed by sending an SMS contain the number 1 or 2 then the favorite to 712712.
    • Also, favorite’s number can be added through Call center agents or sales representatives at Zain shop.
    • Once you send the favorite number to 712712 the service will be working directly.
  • Service Subscription methods Tariff Benefit
    International Calls D to 712712 5.SAR per month Discount Up to 25%
    MBB 1 to 700212 100 SAR per month 2 GB
    D to 700212 4 SAR every day 40 MB
    Blackberry BIS to 700400 69 SAR 1 GB
    SMS Bundle S to 700222 10.SAR per month 500 SMS


  • Fees and rates
    instillation fees NA
    Voice calls local (all networks) 30 halala
    international Variable
    SMS local (all networks) 25 Halala
    international 50 Halala
    MMS local (all networks) 55 Halala
    international 65 Halala
    Mazaya 35 Monthly fees 35 SAR
    Mazaya 175 minimum usage charge 175 SAR