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Zain KSA Supports 425 Saudi Entrepreneur Enterprises

Wednesday 24 June 2015

Zain KSA Supports 425 Saudi Entrepreneur Enterprises

Zain KSA is following a systematic framework in its support for Saudi entrepreneurs of both genders, which includes granting them priority with procurement contracts and supply rights. It recently restructured procedures of procurement and signing supply contracts in order to be consistent with the Kingdom’s interest in encouraging the private sector and leading companies to support Saudi youth entrepreneur enterprises. These efforts are also part of the company’s new transformation plan which ensures its connection to this market in a way that supports innovative products on which entrepreneurs depend.

Zain KSA stated that its list of approved supplier companies include more than 425 Saudi entrepreneur companies whose fields range from human resources, facility maintenance, information technology and many more. Through this initiative, the company had aimed to encourage and motivate emerging Saudi companies to compete and be able to present high quality services compared to other companies. Zain KSA offers that by simple and direct procedures which facilitate supplier registration and selection, it also offered online registration for suppliers on its website

The company asserted it is fully prepared to support emerging entrepreneurial enterprises in this period, by entering into partnerships with several emerging companies to exchange experience and benefit from its infrastructure. This is fully facilitated by Zain KSA’s procedures which contribute to overcoming any obstacle these companies may encounter when entering into a partnership with Zain KSA.

Since it was first launched in the Saudi market, Zain KSA was keen to participate in different social events and activities as part of its social responsibility. In addition to supporting programs that develop small and medium enterprises and empower youths of both genders in the field of investment, for the purpose of creating a positive added value that affects its commercial operations or social responsibility programs.