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Zain KSA Offers LTE- Advanced Mobile Broadband Devices

Tuesday 6 September 2016

Zain KSA Offers LTE- Advanced Mobile Broadband Devices

Zain Saudi Arabia announced that it will offer LTE-Advanced Router and MiFi, the most advanced Mobile Broadband Devices, beginning on Tuesday, Sep 6th. These devices will be available at SR 99 upfront while buying with Zain’s Un-limited postpaid plan for SAR 149 per month in their shops.
The new devices offer very high speed internet which allows users to download data at lightning speed, double the speed of normal LTE network. LTE Advanced connection is active when these Router and MiFi display “4G+” on the screen.
With Zain's LTE -Advanced network in the Kingdom, customers can experience the best of what internet can offer, for browsing the web, streaming content and downloading files at blazing fast speed. Zain boasts a large LTE footprint across the Kingdom with the “Reload Project” and it is covering now with the power of over 3,500 powerful LTE- Advanced sites.
For more information on the new devices and available packages, customers can visit the Company’s official website, call the Customer Care Center on 0590000959 (959 from a Zain Line), or via the nearest Zain shop.