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Zain KSA launches the region’s largest 5G network

Sunday 6 October 2019

Zain KSA launches the region’s largest 5G network

Zain KSA launches the region’s largest 5G network 




Zain KSA has launched 5G in Saudi Arabia, with the first phase of the rollout being implemented through a network of 2,000 towers that cover an area of more than 20 cities in the Kingdom.  This launch, the largest 5G network deployment in the region to date, will be followed by a gradual expansion of the network to cover a total of 26 cities utilizing 2,600 towers by the end of 2019.


5G is regarded as a major global breakthrough in the field of digital technology, and its implementation in Saudi Arabia is expected to contribute towards realizing the digital transformation goals specified in the Saudi Vision 2030. Zain KSA’s launch of 5G services will speed up the roll-out of this advanced technology and its applications, offering high-speed mobile internet connectivity to users across the Kingdom.


Commenting on this significant milestone, Zain KSA’s CEO Eng. Sultan bin Abdulaziz Al Deghaither said, “5G will bring substantial change for the Kingdom’s telecom industry, creating new business models and unlocking opportunities for many sectors such as financial, ICT, agricultural, tourism, entertainment, automotive, health, education and public sectors, to name a few. The technology is also expected to contribute significantly to the country’s economy, creating thousands of new jobs.”


Al Deghaither continued, “Zain KSA will continue to enhance its services and launch innovative offerings that guarantee satisfaction for our 8.3 million customers. We are keen to offer 5G services to all our business and individual clients through various service packages at competitive rates.”


Al Deghaither reiterated, “We remain committed to invest further in infrastructure and develop our services to be on par with global digital technology advancements and offer remarkable new services to support the 5G network’s capabilities and coverage.”


The 5G service will provide prepaid and post-paid customers with high-speed internet connectivity 10 times faster than the current 4G network. It will also allow customers to utilize advanced digital solutions and technologies, including virtual and augmented reality, Automated System Operations, 3D printing, and robotics, in addition to enabling them to enjoy their preferred entertainment content and video games with ease.


5G services will provide a great research opportunity for students and professionals in the artificial intelligence and virtual reality disciplines, as well as opening up new fronts for advancing various Big Data services in the Kingdom including IoT and smart services such as self-driving vehicles and smart city grids. Additionally, issuing electronic visas and other similar Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies including IoT and digital payments will be accessible through the upgraded network.


Zain KSA is eager to support the Kingdom’s mega government initiatives and projects that are the result of an ambitious Saudi vision to position the Kingdom as a digital and innovation pioneer. In this context, Zain KSA has recently inaugurated its 5G network at the Neom Bay Airport, an area regarded as Saudi Arabia’s futuristic gateway. The telecom provider also showcased some impressive technologies the 5G network will enable during the inauguration ceremony of the Kingdom’s new “welcome the world” tourist visa.


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