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Zain KSA Extends Internship Program

Wednesday 24 June 2015

Zain KSA Extends Internship Program

Zain KSA continues to offer its internship program for university students of both genders, introducing them to the company’s administration, finance and technical departments. The training system was designed according to several specialized programs prepared in collaboration with universities and colleges to ensure that it suits their specific majors.  Female students were also included in the program and trained in the female section.

The trainees were given specific positions in the company, allowing them to practically apply what they have studied, each according to his or her specialty. Trainees were also introduced to the workplace environment by working side by side with company employees, preparing and supporting them to be ready for the job market.

Zain KSA had extended the application for another period, accepting requests to join the internship program and the summer training program on the link
This important step is part of Zain KSA’s social responsibility, an important pillar of its operations in the Saudi market, arising from the importance of training and employing Saudi youth, and the need unite the efforts of both private and public sectors.

Zain KSA had previously launched several training programs for university students, including the University Development Program, (Rowad Zain), (Shabab Tamouh), and (4G Engineers). This all comes as part of its belief in social responsibility, and the importance of supporting Saudi youth with diverse working experiences through specialized human development programs.