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Subscribe to a Shabab plan with a smartphone with Zain and get back VAT*



Maximum monthly discount

 (including 15% VAT)

What you will pay per month

(including 15% VAT)

Package details


Shabab 99

113.85 SAR with VAT


27.35 SAR / Month

For a device of 2,300 SAR

86.50 SAR / Month



Shabab 149

171.35 SAR with VAT


47.35 SAR / Month

For a device of 4,600 SAR

124.00 SAR / Month



Shabab 199

228.85 SAR with VAT


61.10 SAR / Month

For a device of 5,750 SAR

167.75 SAR / Month



Shabab 299

343.85 SAR with VAT


82.35 SAR / Month

For a device of 6,900 SAR

261.50 SAR / Month



Shabab 399

458.85 SAR with VAT


116.10 SAR / Month

For  a device of 10,350 SAR

342.75 SAR / Month



*The exact cashback discount offered per subscription depends on the choice of plan and device; visit one of our shops to learn more about the cashback discount



  • Will the Shabab offers cover all devices?

    Smartphones will be available on a per plan basis. For example, to be eligible for a cashback discount for a device over the value of 5000 SAR, the customer has to subscribe to Shabab 299 or Shabab 399. To see more details on device eligibility per plan, please see the table above.

  • Is cashback discount pro-rated in the first month?

    No, the cashback discount will not be pro-rated and you will receive the benefit from the first bill (any negative bills will be credited to your bill in the following month)

  • What is the penalty fee for termination?

    There is no penalty fee for termination. However if you choose to terminate your subscription with Zain you will no longer receive the cashback discount and it is not reimbursable. 

  • How many devices can I buy on cashback?

    There is no limit to the number of devices you can purchase on the cashback program

  • How do I get my cashback discount?

    After purchasing your device with Zain in full, the cashback discount will be applied to your bill every month from the 1st bill until the 24th bill

  • Will postpaid plans (199,299,399,499) be stopped?

    Existing customers will continue to enjoy the benefits of the postpaid 199, 299, 399, 499 plans and are also eligible to renew their commitment with device of their choosing.