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iPhone upgrade annual Program!

Join Zain’s “iPhone upgrade annual Program” and enjoy the newest iPhone every year for 25 SAR a month only.

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  • Step 1
    • Subscribe to one of Zain’s postpaid packages
    • Get an iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro or iPhone 11 Pro max.
    • Sign a 24 month commitment contract
  • Step 2
    • Visit a Zain store nearest to you 
    • Make sure your iPhone is in a good working condition
    • Be aware of all the passwords and locking PINs on your device
    • Backup your old device data before you bring it to us
    • Your device will be evaluate by our agent
    • If your device is accepted by our technical team, you can return your old iPhone, choose the new iPhone, and renew your 24 month contract
  • Terms and conditions
    • To be eligible for an upgraded iPhone, you will have to be an existing subscriber of one Zain’s postpaid packages (299, 399 or 499).
    • To be eligible for an upgraded iPhone, you will have to be an active subscriber of the “iPhone upgrade annual Program” for 12 months.
    • To be eligible for an upgraded iPhone , you need to be an existing subscriber of the iPhone upgrade annual Program on iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro or iPhone 11 Pro Max.
    • Your iPhone has to be accepted by the agent after evaluation in order to make the trade. 
    • Monthly subscriptions are not refundable.
  • Q&A

    When can I upgrade my device?
    You can upgrade as soon as 12 months have passed from your existing device contract.

    What happens to my old device when I upgrade?
    You will hand your old device to us, the device will be inspected on the spot, and once the device passes the inspection list you will be guided to subscribe to a new device contract based on your choice of device.

    What is the acceptable physical condition of my device when I hand it in?
    It should be in good working condition. Please see device inspection checklist.

    Which iPhones are included in this program?
    This program covers iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max with Zain’s postpaid packages mentioned above. 

    What if my iPhone does not pass the physical inspection list?
    A device that does not pass the physical inspection list cannot be upgraded, however, you can bring it back after getting it repaired in the condition that qualifies return of the device to be entitled.

    What if I want to upgrade to a more expensive device?
    Sure, no problem, you simply pay the additional associated fees for the new device at the time of upgrade, and you may have to upgrade your package depending on the device.

    What if I no longer wish to remain on the program?
    No problem, just send (I4L) to 959.

    If I decide to leave the program, are there any penalty fees that I have to pay?
    No, there aren’t.

    What if my phone was fixed or changed via Apple warranty, can I still upgrade my device?
    Yes, you only need to bring your new device, with the paperwork received from Apple regarding the exchange of the device. The paperwork should indicate the old IMEI of the old device, and the new IMEI.