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  • How do I get an Apple Watch?

    You can get an Apple watch from Zain flagships stores and Zain website.

  • How can I pay for the watch?

    Customers can buy the watch in cash or they can benefit from the installment program on some of the postpaid packages

  • What is the installment duration and amount for customers without existing contract?

    Installment duration for customers without existing contract is 12, 18 & 24 with maximum pay of 75/month SAR installment fees on top of Apple watch service fees 25/month SAR.

  • What is the installment duration and amount for customers with existing contract?

    It is equivalent to the number of months remaining on your existing contract, with a maximum payment of SAR 75/month, remaining fees are payed up front

  • What are the different installment values I can pay per month?

    SAR 25, SAR 50 or SAR 75 per month, remaining fees are to be payed up front

  • How much does the watch cost?

    Based on the model You can select below option on top of monthly fees of Apple Watch:

    1. 1- Installment
    2. 2- Cash.
  • What are the fees for this service?

    There is a SAR 25 monthly subscription fee will be charged in addition to the main package fees and the installments (+VAT).

  • What is the calls and data limit on my Apple Watch?

    It is fully shared with your package, so whatever the package limit is

  • Apple Support contact number

    800850 0032