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Mobile Devices Management

The rapid adoption of smartphones and tablets, along with increasing numbers of employees who are working on mobile or other non-traditional locations, has increased the need to:
•    Enable mobile and other devices to support employees perform their jobs
•    Ensure information security for employees’ devices
•    Manage multi-Operating Systems remotely
Because Zain is growing horizontally by providing differentiated business portfolio, Zain will be providing the Mobile Device Management (MDM); Knox Manage and Knox Configure.



  • What is MDM?

    Software that manage multiple devices by applying certain policies and settings to the device remotely so that data present on devices will be secured. So if you have an organization who provides devices to their employees and want their data to be secured then by deploying a MDM software it can easily be done.

  • Mobile Device Management is Best for

    Device Security:
    Enforce the use of passcodes, anti-virus, anti-malware tools, and encryption
    Prevent data from leakage, or unauthorized access.

    Remote Management
    Remotely manage the device, with corporate data on it.
    Locate and wipe the device in case, if its lost or gets stolen.

    Application Management
    Manage and control what applications the user has installed, and is using, on the device
    Restrict the installation of apps that can pose a risk to data security, or productivity.

    Complete Reports for devices performance
    Real-time insights on devices performance, user information, and other activities
    Enterprise security and productivity point of view.

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