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M2M Service

Zain KSA is providing machine-to-machine sim communication service with variety of different speed packages allowing the customer to choose what suits them most. M2M technology allowing millions of machines, sensors and devices to be communicated without necessarily require human interaction and managed by accessible management platform by the customer.


  • Why Zain M2M Service?

    •    Flexible Packages to Connect Your M2M Service Solutions.
    •    Trusted Connectivity Through The Best Technology of Network and Coverage.
    •    Attractive Offers to Different Business Sizes to Support M2m Service Market Dynamics.
    •    Diversified Add-ons Based on M2M Requirements.

  • M2M Service Applications
  • M2M Add-on Services

    •    Voice Add-on
    •    Static Private IP
    •    Roaming
    •    Digital Platform
    •    Data Pooling
    •    SIM SWAP
    •    Suspension
    •    Private APN

  • M2M Service Packages
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