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Maha AlQernas
Vice President Business & Fulfilment

Eng. Maha Al Qernas was appointed the Vice-President of Business and Fulfilment of Zain KSA in June 2021. Before being named VP, Eng. Al Qernas was Business and Fulfilment General Manager and was responsible for all of the company's business support systems, including end-to-end channels management, products, and services implementations.
She also headed the Technology division and played a key role in the continued development of strategic projects ensuring flexibility in response to an increasingly demanding marketplace.
Eng. Al Qernas has led several projects that positioned Zain KSA as a leading telecom operator, being deeply involved in the development and expansion of the company’s IT and business support systems transformation.
Eng. Al Qernas holds a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology from King Saud University, MBA from Al-Yamamah University, a Digital Leadership certificate from INSEAD and a Corporate Finance certificate from Washington University.

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